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Yoshiotchi V3

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I learned a LOT from making the dogerotchi.
and i thought i'd make a NEW tamagotchi style game the Yoshiotchi.
I was originally gonna make one with Wolf o'donnel (from those starfox games)
unfortunately i couldnt find any good sprites that i could animate (by this i mean it only had 1 sprite for running)

Sprites By The DarkMegaman

(if you hadnt noticed you can sorta 'play' with the yoshi on the preloader.. okay so you can only move him...either way, its still something to do)

yoshi is a copyrighted character of nintendo, blah blah blah.
i take no credit for the character. YOSHI ISNT MY CHARACTER. =)


***edit*** V3 is now out. more sounds and soft background music. (with of course a sound button to shut your yoshi up)

heres a few tips;
B = Battle
Q = Quality
S = Sound

think about each action BEFORE you do it.

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Eh... kind of weird but I like it.
The problem is, I had no idea how doing the actions would affect yoshi. It was kind of a guessing game. The only thing obvious was that battling took away life points. Still, it was kind of fun.


I'ts cool.

i i the 16 year old love it:)

i love these im a 16 year old boy and i love it

Nice one!!

Very cool. Lots of options, and battles too? Sweet.

Nice game

I killed him with scolding because I was curious, and when I clicked B after he died, he was invulnerable to the other Yoshi :)

StillBeatingPictures responds:

haha, okay...

invunerable you say?
well, nothings perfect =D