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Backwards hidden messages

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Hidden messages by satan in this song when it is played backwards.

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this is scary can you do more i like it

(title in work)

This was a neat thing to put on NG. I've heard the rumors but never actually took the time to play the song backwards, so this was a nice timesaver to heard it. Quite interesting. You could have presented this a little nicer though. It was pretty bland graphically.

So what?

I know all that already. But still, _so what_??? I mean, does it matter? OK, subliminal messages and all, but really, does it?


you stole that from Jeff Milner he has it on his site and he talked about it on the news. if this is not stolen i apologize but i will not give you anything more then a 2.

here is his site: http://jeffmilner.com/backmasking.htm


wow that's kinda intrigating.. and interesting..
i think i'll get the son so i can play it backwords...
it's kinda scary tooxD