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Kid Icarus - Rampage

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Please watch "Kid Icarus: Rampage (T)" and "Kid Icarus - Part IV" if you dont understand everything.
In KI4, Pit defeated Medusa, and in the Teaser, you saw him coming to Hades.

Hi there...
Long time no see, but
here is one long awaited flash of mine... after almost... a year?

First of all I would like to thank the 2 new voice actors:
Sonicmega & TomaMoto for helping me out..
I think their voices fit perfectly...

And now enjoy.

THIS IS FICTIONAL! It's a sequel to the original Series I made, but still it's fictional. Kid Icarus (Pit) belongs to Nintendo!
And now enjoy this fight, it's my personal favorite so far...


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I admit to not being familiar with Kid Icarus at all. At least I know his name is Pit. That being said, this was still enjoyable. I could have sworn that was Jazza doing the voice. Wait, TomaMoto just did the voice in a Jazza cartoon. He's like the male Rina-chan!

Pit seems kind of evil in this. Well, maybe that's what he was like in the games. Whatever, this was fun. I'm glad to be introduced to this mythology. I can appreciate this.

Wel, there's not much to be explained for this to make sense, but I still think I'll check out the prequel. With an awesome fight scene like this, it must be worth watching! The pace of the fight is nice, it's fast, it's violent and the effects are awesome. Great work!


i love it! its just hades doesent look like the one on the actual game and pits voice is a bit too deep.

Awesome I love the Hades final boss!

oh yea! your awesome pit!