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Chocobo Wars v2.0

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"Battle infinite waves of Chocobos in this simple arcadeish game!!"

What's new in Version 2.0?

OK.After the 1st version was uploaded,I started to notice a LOT of bugs the game had.A lot of people complained about them and told me to fix them and all that...so,I did.Now,I also added 2 new glowing chocobos,which give you +100 and one that gives you up to 500 points (random points up to 500). I only noticed a new bug,but it's not really important and doesn't fuck the game up.

I couldn't fix the "enemy disapears without touching me" because if I deleted that,the enemies would just appear and you couldn't kill them.It's a bug that is needed.

Also,the game is WAY less laggy.A LOT less laggy.And the menues looks nicer and all that crap at you probably don't care about.Also add a "anti low score" system.
Finally,after so many pain in the ass with big ass bugs the game is finally done! So much delay because of the errors that it's unreal.
Anyway,this is the Flash version of a game I did on GameMaker a very while ago.As you may know,there's not plot or anything even near to that.Just kill the opossing Chocobos.This version,however,changed the local scoreboard for a global online scoreboard and changed the shitty sprites for Androu1 made chocbos!.It looks really better

I know the damn game is tooo easy and simple,but give it a shot anyway.Also,it's boring in the start because of the rarely spawn Chocobos,but as long as you rack up score points,you Level Up and everything is harder,so don't quit.Things start going better since 1600 or so points.

I hope you enjoy this game,and as a prize for reading all of this,here are some extra easier controls for the jukebox:
-RePag and AvPag cycle through songs and Enter stops the music.It's pretty easier than moving the mouse.

And please,don't be all like "this game sucks,blablablabla".It's my first REAL attempt at a game.So,vote fairly,lol.

Now,go play the game,it's worth it :D
Please submit to Final Fantasy Collection.It fits there :P

BTW: Please submit to Final Fantasy category and maybe Action or Shooter Games one (this fits more in Shooter games,right?)
BTW2: Play atleast until you get like 1600 points,since that's when the first level up happens.

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this is the best game i ever played it so cool i wish you do another one just like this cool game

i whish i could code like you =[

fun, original (well original'ish) game that got me playing for about 10 mins ^^ really really good! I LOVED THE MUSIC! the only thing i had was that the chocobo moved quite sluggishly it would have been more fun (well in my opinion any how) if you could move faster...

also i hate you... "your score is too low you cannot submit it"


over all a really great game! 3/5

Androu1 responds:

LOL.The character is not that slow.It's atleast twice as fast as in version 1 and 1.2,anyway.And the "your score is too low so you cannot submit it" is just a security thing agaisnt the damn 0 spammers.I got bored of banning IPs,lol.

Thanks for the review!


lol i like this game cuz i love chocobos! nice job dude! keep it up!

Androu1 responds:

Thank you!! =D


Hola, te escribo en espaƱol porque vi que eres de Caracas, igual que yo! Te felicito por tu juego, se que no es facil hacer algo asi y esta muy bien para ser tu primer intento. Tambien te felicito por tu dominio del ingles para la edad que tienes 10/10

Androu1 responds:

Muchas,muchas gracias.Que bueno conseguir mas NewGrounders venezolanos,hahaha.

Bueno,gracias por los buenos comentarios y por darme una buena sorpresa =)


It didnt work, cause you uploaded it wrong, but I gave you a five cause i know you gonna fix it =), also I liked the other one... and I know that this one will be good also, So Fix It Soon (^.^)

Androu1 responds:

Thanks,and it should be fixed now =) (I played it and it worked HERE)

Also,I would like if previous reviewers send me a review of the working game via PM,thanks.

Next time I gotta put more attention to don't upload outdated files =/