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A movie trailer to a movie I made up. I think it would do well in theaters, though.



This is very sad...... You need to update this...

The mouths moved too fast.....

The graphics were of poor quality...

add a preloader....

Hmm, poor, there wasn't much about it.

It just seemed pretty pointless, it was just really short and nothing really happened in it, it didn't really get across what your movie was going to be about so it was a poorly done trailer. You should have shown some eventful stuff, other than guy's talking and actually shown what it was that your movie was about, the only impression that I got from your movie idea from this is that it was another overdone, boring movie idea. The voices were of a poor quality and some sounded very annoying, that just let the movie down even more.

Peace Out, Afro Stud



How the fuck does this have a score of 3.4?
I mean the drawings are crap, humor is shit, and idea?
It didnt even have a play button, for gods sake, you can download newgrounds preloader from the flash submit section, and copy+paste it in the begining! Dissapointed

SoupOfTheDay responds:

did you happen to check the date it was submitted? that's right 2000.

this movie is over 5 years old. back in Flash... 4? even top notch graphics sucked back then compared to now.

and too, back then there was no preloader from Newgrounds offered.

(plus the fact that i was... 15. lol. a 15 year old's humour is - well you can judge it for yourself)


This shit sucks
you should b ashamed of yourself

The customer bit was kinda funny...

...but it's wrong, just wrong to rip off a Steve Martin joke. May God have mercy on your soul.

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Credits & Info

3.18 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2000
9:18 PM EDT
Comedy - Original