Backyard Buzzing

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Build your own bugz army and take over the entire backyard.


Entertaining at first

but then it's replay value lowers.

All i did was buy spider nest from level 1, spam spiders, spawn ant hills around map and surround with cheap turrets. Instant win strategy. Needs a turret limit depending on level sets (1-10, 11-20, etc) and a harder AI if possible.


the game play was mediocre, the grafics were mediocre to, the concept was good, but it just didnt work well.

one word-glitchy.

this is a very good game, but i get frustrated every time i play it because many errors occur that wont let me advance to the next level. for example, sometimes an enemy turret/ base is shown on the map, but is invisible and cant be defeated. sometimes, all the enemy forces stop firing, but they are impossible to kill because your insects simply wont fire. the only time in this situaion when the enemy are resposnsive is when you walk past them and they turn. another glitch is that my own bases/ turrets spontaneously switch teams, register as red on the map and attack my army, but i can still sell it.
i have never beaten the game, and im still holding out hope that this game can be fixed.

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fun but..

it haz alot of glitches

i was determined to take over

I really enjoy this game. I especially like how the bugs have different abilities. What i usually do is sell the bugs before they die and use plenty of attack towers. Also instead of always upgrading, I not only have the latest bug available, but ants! the towers do the most damage so placing alot of towers helps take down powerful bugs plus you can sell the equipment later! i also beat the game :)

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3.62 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2007
4:45 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense