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ultimate clay tutorial

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Author Comments

this took me about 6-7 hours or maybe alot more lol :P. anyway i made his in my kitchen. it is my first video tutorial and it was the hardest of all of them to put together.

it basically shows total noobs or even begginers wot equipment software and clay to buy and hw to make and animate clay men like knox :D

please tell me if this helped you. and also review on anything that was wrong.

hope it helps clay lovers :)

edit: sorry about big file size i couldn't even put sound on

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Very nice tutorial. But damn,where i can get this so great clay... :(


I've never seen a Klay tut before. I think its everything you need. I might even try it one day. the text is good and has few errors, which is good for NG. If you would like me to hunt them down for you PM me.
The lighting was good. a lot of Klay have poor lighting. good interaction. I liked the FBF option. you might suggest an FPS for Klay - 12?
6 stars for a sub without sound is HIGH for me.

awsome tutorial

Its very descriptive and tells you some good materials too use, the movies you included were great examples on animating clay, (even tho Ihaven't made any I've watched quite a few to know) good job

pretty good overall

Its a pretty good tutorial overall for pointing out the bare basics of claymation. Now, something that would make it better would probably be some links to the software and stuff you pointed out. As I recall, you did not state the name of the program you use (Anasazi is the name, for all those wondering). But above all, its a pretty decent tutorial for claymation and I hope it doesn't get blammed :).


Good job!

Smashing job with this one! Good tutorial and I hope this makes it through the portal (although most NGers are grumpy and blam anything clay related... 2 years and you get used it, though. lol.)

A few pointers:
1. Knox uses claytoon but the best UK equivalent IS Newplast :) I use it and it's good stuff, even though it's a bit messy! Not as good as claytoon, though... I don't think.
2. When you make the claymen, rather than pushing your fingers down into the clay (It works ok, but makes them kinda blobby), use a knife instead :) Any old butter knife will do. I have a butter knife and it works fine :)
3. When animating steps, don't spread the legs too far apart because it will look unnatural, haha. About 3 frames per step at 15FPS should be fine (1st frame is getting the legs in line, second is moving the leg forward so it's kinda hovering in the air. Third is to put the foot down and get the back leg off the ground a bit, if you get what I mean, haha.)

Hope those helped you and other readers of this review! :D

Best of luck with getting through the portal and I hope my vote helped protect this flash! Good luck with everything! You have potential to be a great claymator!

Credits & Info

4.06 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2007
4:23 PM EDT