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The Awesome Tutorial

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This is probably the first tutorial that has easter eggs. But there are only 2 :( heres a clue for the first one "Wheres Wally". Anyway after about a month and a half I have come out with this extremely helpful flash tutorial. Plus I found out how you can make text copy and pastibel! Yay! I threw the easter-eggs in at the last minute......so I hope you enjoy. Please vote AFTER you see the game...please....

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easter eggs

i found the game one where you press game but where is the other one please help. 5/5 10/10


Helping those who are unaware of the flash world.

?What was that?

I give a 4/10 just for the effort.
The interactivity was decent, but I just was not drawn into the tutorial.

it aint bad...

im like, the one who doest understand nothing 'bout the flash stuff, but i recognize good tutorials. and this one, its great, but do some images, backround while explanations and example, then it would be the perfect tutorial!^^

Not helpful...

If you are going to make a tutorial you need to:
Explain the actionscript
make drawings and text clear and understandable
spend time with your drawings
have things organized and neat.
Animation wasn't great, interactivity was there, but missing something important. sound was okay, and there was no humor (but it didn't need any.) It needs some major improvements if you want to make a good, and understandable tutorial. If you don't know how to explain it, than you're better off noot making one at all. I give this a 3 out of 10 and a 2 out of 5. You just survived.

14hourlunchbreak responds:

Thank you and at the same time not. You gave a very helpful explanation and didn't use the term "Fucker". I like that. But what I didn't like was that you rated me very poorly. That I DON'T like......but I guess you have a good reason!