Naruto Ultimate Filler 2

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Naruto- The Ultimate Filler 2

This one is a parody of Naruto shippuuden- Episode 25.
Due to complains, I increased some speed. It still is, however, big, bad and ugly, the way it should be.
You guys annoyed me to make an extended edition of the low-scored "Naruto- The Ultimate Filler", so here it is!!! Hope you like it.

I am currently considering to make a series of parodies. But I won't do it unless you people like this one. So, you can help it by voting a good score, writing comments or sending me an email.

Oh, and note, this one isn't an endless loop, like the previous one *blush* :)

For comments and suggestions of more flash animations, just write me:
I will be glad to hear what you have to say.


i almost fell asleep...

im giving it a five for wat it is labeled as,a filler.fillers are piece of shit anime waste of time episodes.so i give u a five for wat it is...a piece of crap.anyways wen is it supposed to end i mean damn...i stopped it a lil after kakashi started bleeding from his eye...talk about stamina

how much time did you put into that??

That was way too long i would of liked it more if it was just a little bit shorter

True but...

I know you speak the truth in this. I found this section of Naruto Shippuden to be particularly annoying. However, dont make it boring for us in telling the story of how boring it was. The time between messages was annoying, as well as the pace. Speed the whole thing up and add a little whackiness and should play far more smoothly and effectively.


the graphics looked promising, but it was the same thing the whole time, so it got old very fast. They floated for a really long time then finally hopped on a log every few seconds or so, which was really odd. Also, you had pretty bad grammar in the speech which bugged me. It was fine, just didn't capture my attention enough.

I wish I hadn't watched it.

It lasted way too long. I can't believe I watched the whole thing. You have poor grammar in the flash but in your description you have much better. I know it was a satire of filler, but it was annoying. I wouldn't continue this series. Gay jokes and jokes involving time aren't very funny.

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3.68 / 5.00

Oct 7, 2007
11:58 PM EDT