Naruto Ultimate Filler 2

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Naruto- The Ultimate Filler 2

This one is a parody of Naruto shippuuden- Episode 25.
Due to complains, I increased some speed. It still is, however, big, bad and ugly, the way it should be.
You guys annoyed me to make an extended edition of the low-scored "Naruto- The Ultimate Filler", so here it is!!! Hope you like it.

I am currently considering to make a series of parodies. But I won't do it unless you people like this one. So, you can help it by voting a good score, writing comments or sending me an email.

Oh, and note, this one isn't an endless loop, like the previous one *blush* :)

For comments and suggestions of more flash animations, just write me:
I will be glad to hear what you have to say.


This was Great!

I always wanted to see someone make fun of the log-jumping episodes. Please make Naruto Ultimate Fillar 3


When your a fan of the actual show, this here is hilarious. It was long and drawn out to no real interest at the end, but thats how Shippuden is sometimes, which makes this awesome.

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it's too long and boring.
and it's not even funny after 30 seconds.
But you get a 7 for having good graphics.

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Pretty Funny

Holy crap. That was about ten minutes of my life I can't get back. Then again the actual episode wasted 20 minutes. Thats about how i remember the episode. Oh and whats with the ass hole on the giant pidgeon (yes i know its not a pidgeon i just call it that). I was expecting Deidara to have it crap on them to shoo them away. Turns out it was there for the hell of it. All in all i give it a seven. Not great but not bad either.

looool that was fun

thats kinda boring but there pretty funny texts that i laughed my brains out

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3.68 / 5.00

Oct 7, 2007
11:58 PM EDT