The Song Art Project

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The Song Art Project!

How this collab worked:
I listed 20 song titles, and users were to draw a picture based on the song title (not the song itself, but a few have bent this rule). The layout is easily browsable, and intructions are on the main page! Please read them.

Everyone likes reviews, except for harsh ones. Please use constructive critism! (we also love positive reviews! :D)

- The Song Art Project Crew


Not bad at all

Never caught it before, but Havay's Seek and Destroy was rather ace.

Collab wise, I was expecting a dodgy slide show, but you've done a great job with the selection menu, so I'll salute you for that!

Everyone says you need to show the music, which I can agree with, but it'll also jack up the file size. Maybe some short sound clips would work.

Other thing is maybe giving free choice on songs :s I don't know if they were important to you, or if you tried for free range of music, but there wasn't any dance music, and I was dead lucky to get the one I most wanted!

Great thing about music is that there'll always be a song that'll be proper epic to people and conjures up imagery, even differing person to person!

Overall a decent art collab for sure, defo fun to do.

Sam responds:

Thanks for the amazing review. But just to say - even having samples would add an extra 2mb weight. The thing is, it wasnt about the song - but the TITLE of the song.

Thanks for the menu feedback. ANd thanks for taking part.

Yeah, a very nice idea

Loved this idea, would actually make a nice yearly thing I think. I really wish we could listen to the songs though, and compare them with what we imagined it might be.

Sam responds:

Once Again, it would boost the file size way to high. Thanks for the review!

kinda good, i s'pose...

if we could hear the drawing's correspondent music, it would be much better.

Sam responds:

Liek i said - it would boost the file size way over 10mb. Sorry if we dissapointed.

wow.. I thought this was crap at first

but apparently i was wrong. this is quality, you guys did a good job on this, the pictures were pretty funney/cool

Sam responds:

Thanks alot! :)

meh..not bad i guess...

loved the concept from each and every individual...its pretty artistic i guess..if you put it in that way....:D

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Oct 7, 2007
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