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Want Animals 2 - TRAILER

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This is the trailer for my next animation, Stay tuned and check out soon because I will upload the REMIX video clip of Want Animals sooner or later. (Please read the *NOTICE* to understand)
I got started drawing with one style... then I wanted to TRY a "Simpsons / Futurama" style, It's not that good but It's still ok.

This animation is NOTHING TO DO with the FULL VERSION because there is no full version of what you are about to watch. "WANT ANIMALS 2 - REMIX" is a short animated music video clip.

*You can watch the music video clip RIGHT NOW !
There is a link to the music video clip in our website.

*The reason that it looks "pixelish" it's because I had to compress it as best as I can to fit it into 10MB limit of newgrounds.

*Sorry about my bad English...


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lol that was so funny

Nice trailer :P

I'm gonna be a noob and ask this question:
I've never watched "Nothing Yet" :P.
Very good trailer, so want to watch it now xD!

dude teh sweet

That was awsum man it was freakin funny as hell


I watched this after I watched Want Animals- The Remix i laughed all the way through it was just to good, and it made no sense at all after the movie. Who did the voicing it sounded like a genuine movie phone guy. Great job man keep up the good work I've watched all your stuff.

p.s. Jesus loves you

Definitely Simpsons and Futurama mix

I say this becuz they have the characteristic beak-like mouth from Simpsons with the variety of skin types( human or alien) from Futurama. But lucky for you I like both shows, so I found this trailer to be very funny ^_^