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Curious - Salford

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I tried to submit this a couple of days ago but, what you may find helpful is that if you load in swf files from another server to save the host 'newgrounds' badnwidth, then you not only need a crossdomain.xml on the host server, but make sure the security settings on the external (level) swf files are correct.


So, after mass anounts of stress, getting blammed for this game not working in NG, I confiscated my programmers daily rations of rice and water until they fixed it, and fixed it good, so you can now play this game and enjoy ;-)

So, little curious is, as his name suggest, intrigued with the world, so you need to help satisfy that appetite by unraveling this adventure. There are 8 levels of mystery, packed with puzzles and obscurity for you to solve.

Use your mouse to comb the screen looking for clues to either click, drag, pull, twist, shake or anything else you can with that tailed creature you use to play the game with.

This is a weird and obscure game but it will make sense eventually, and I think this is front page material (not just because i helped develop it). The audio is great and helps make it.. never forget the audio artist people.

There are hints and tips available and you can save and come back when you like. We have a level code made up of a sentence with words referring to your progress ;-)

Get stuck in, but to get starterd here is how to get past the 1st 3 levels:

Level 1
1) Click on the diver to move her out of the way.
2) Click on the butterfly and it will fly up and land on the signpost. The sign swivels around.
3) Click on the butterfly again and Curious jumps on its back.
4) Click on both levers on the robot and it comes to life, scaring the butterfly.
5) Click on the flowers around the edge clockwise and the guitarist comes to life.
6) Click on the Polar bear to zoom in on polar bear task.
7) Click & hold the hairs on polar bears chin, he smiles. Then click his eye, a tear rolls onto the fleas, which run and hide.
8) Polar bear coughs up a coin. Click on the coin it will drop into the piggy bank.

Level 2
1) Click on a dice and get them both to land on a six.
2) Pull string on the last duck in the row. Each time you pull the string the ducks move and the keys spin around. Do this 3 times to spin Curious onto the frame.
3) Click on the leaves at the top. Three of them are in shadow. The cow will eat them and the tag on his ear lowers.
4) Click on the TV and Curious will pick it up.
5) There is a guy in the bottom right, click on his head slowly 5 times. Each time his head rotates the TV counts down.
6) Click and solve the picture tile puzzle by sliding the tiles around to complete the correct picture. When complete allows Curious to escape through the gap bottom right.

This is what the tile puzzle should look like, unless you have entered you Flickr user name. In which case you will see a picture from your public folder.
<< Cheat Code >>
When you are at the tile puzzle stage, you can cheat. Press and hold the LMB (left mouse button) on the rugby team for at least 3 seconds, then press and hold the LMB on the plane for at least 3 seconds, then again on the rugby team for at least 3 seconds. Then the puzzle will auto complete.

Level 3
1) Click on the clocks. Imitate the pattern of the clocks lighting up. Correctly remembering the sequence initiates the engine blades. Curious is then sucked into Level 4.
2) Returning back from level 4 Curious stands in front of 3 containers containing chemicals. Click on the Petri dish this makes him fly. Then he can fly over the dolphin.
Orange chemical makes him too big to fly. Blue chemical makes Curious normal again.
4) Click on the meat to move the maggots and the dinosaur will eat it.
5) Click on the bird straight after and it will fly across the screen. The spider (holding Curious) lets down his thread to avoid it.
6) Click on the trophy and it will take off.

good luck..

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This game was such a little, strange delight the first time I played it... so it really sucks to see it isn't working here, not even on Newgrounds Player. Still, i'll give the rating I would've given it back then, minus one star for it not working here... for more than 10 years, and still being up here.

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3.63 / 5.00

Oct 6, 2007
3:55 PM EDT