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"Work in progress"

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"Work in progress" is my major production for my Year 12 VCE media class. There are roughly 30 scenes and the runtime is a little over 3 minutes.

Suggested: Quality set on Medium
Flash Player 8+ required
2 Mb+ Filesize

The basic plotline to this story is that the protaganist Gary Jeeves suddenly finds out his best friend had died and follows his mental anguish and recovery after receiving the shock. Flashback scenes are prominent to show gary's relationship with Gary and the eventual distruction of their friendship.

The animation quality isn't as good as a like it too be, considering I had a deadline and my inexperience in working on such a large project factored in also. Though I think i did pretty well for somebody without any formal animation training.

I'd love to here your comments and reviews!

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Review Request.

Overall, it was a nice flash. The art style was interresting and the story was touching. There was just one little thing that was wrong with it, the sound fluxed between loud and soft, so it was kind of hard to understand some of it.

None the less, it was great.

-Review Request Club.-

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
Well, this was a pretty interesting submission. The graphics were nice. Good use of the vcam and lighting effects. The animal characters were pretty unique, but I think you did a good job animating them and making a fair storyline out of this.

^^Needs Improving^^
I thought the voice overs were a little odd, which made them kind of hard to hear sometimes. Other than that pretty snazzy.

Surreal banter

But this does have some sort of impression to leave on the people searching for the deeper meanings of things :)

I think that when Gary crossed over the Zebra Crossing, his footsteps shouldn't have made a sound as if they were walking across a wooden floor. Just an observation :P

I do quite like the way that this thing turned out like a 5 minute soap opera, with Gary apparently banging his dead best mate's wife at some point.

Any further episodes of this in the pipeline?

[Review Request Club]

Inkovic responds:

If I continue the series it will be set in the past with a much more lighter tone.
Thanks for the review anyway

Pretty Sweet

I really liked it. The animation could've used a little work since it was basically lip-synching not really animating the body and what-not but it was well put together. I only suggest tweaking the audio though, because it seems a little inconsistant.

But brilliant job nonetheless :D

Inkovic responds:

Yeah the audio was a huge problem, especially since I used myself for all the voices.

Thanks for the fave btw


It was great.
The voices could use some work.
Make them more smooth.
The characters are great.
Though some times they can seem like sloppy make up that girls put on.
Animation was great to!.
I loved it.
Hope this goes well for you guys.

Inkovic responds:

Thanks for the review, I'm glad you liked it

Credits & Info

3.30 / 5.00

Oct 6, 2007
1:51 PM EDT