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A Clayman is on his way to a Karate Class!

Blak Tornado 2007


No offence to the creator but...

Ok...First of all im from UK and back in the day in the 90's sometime there was a kids artshow programme on TV, and at random times during the show there would be an animation of a clay man called Morph, that right there is the shizzle and can't be cloned or reflected in any way, so just leave it alone man and go research it if you dont knw bout it, i gave u a 5 becasuse of lama's comment bout it already being done but what does he know :)

BlakTornado responds:

I've seen Morph. Made by Aardman (My heroes, lol). They show it sometimes on kid show "SMART" on CBBC every now and then :P

A Complete and Utter Knox Ripoff

You will notice that I write very few reviews, only when I see something I truly like, or truly hate, you are the latter. If anyone doesn't see that all original ideas for this flash came from Knox, they have probably never seen a Knox flash. Come up with your own ideas next time. The humor was the same, even the damn clay people were molded the same (only difference being the heads).

BlakTornado responds:

"You will notice that I write very few reviews"

I will also notice that you don't make many animations yourself, either. You're entitled to your opinion but until you know what it's like to do animate something, you shouldn't be so quick to judge something before you have done it yourself. I'm not saying it's hard, but it's not easy either.

I try my HARDEST not to be like Knox. Unfortunately, this is typically a short I made which was more like a Knox short than one I normally make... Mainly because I had no real inspiration for this short... which is why it is crappper :P

random but funny

LOl that was pretty awsome.Lol ricky the rock

good animation poor jokes

jokes sucked while the animation was good, ROCK IN THA FACE

it was alright

nice animation, great effort, but the characters were lacking, but I don't hold it against you, I doubt your a professional clap sculptor. the jokes weren't that great either soryr, needs some work. Congrats on front page - usually claymations don't make it that far.

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3.41 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2007
7:20 PM EDT
Comedy - Original