Clayground - Actually

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A Clayman is on his way to a Karate Class!

Blak Tornado 2007


A little bit aggravating

I think I was put off by the way that you made the second character, supposedly Mr. Blue's friend, just as incredibly idiotic as the annoying guy. You'd think that Mr. Blue would have the sense to pick some friends who were actually intelligent and/or sane; otherwise, why is he yelling at Mr. "Actually", but not at a guy who comes to his own conclusions regardless of what other people say and also bursts into tears for no reason?
I liked the straight dialogue with Mr. Actually before the friend came in, and I liked the senseless bit with the rock afterwards, but I just don't think the friend makes sense in any way. I suppose it's random, but I think it's too random - after all, you already have clay people, an "Actually" man, and a talking rock.

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That wasn't funny, had a dull storyline, and poorly animated. Those characters barely moved anything except for little flicks of one arm at a time.

Sorry, but I'm only giving this a 5 and a 2.

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BlakTornado responds:

I understand what you mean and in the future, I will try harder to make the animation more interesting :) It's unfortunate that this was one of my duller shorts recently.

Watch some Knox

Go watch some of Knox's claymations and take a few pointers for humor and a little bit from animation and you'll get better dude.

BlakTornado responds:

I'm a Knox geek. :P

Heck, I used to be a moderator on his forum.

The thing is, I'm not TRYING to be like Knox.


You used a MultiTrack Recording Studio - 1266 to make the drums on your intro! You see, i got one of those too!


BlakTornado responds:

Yes I did :D


just because people CAN make clay animation
doesnt mean they should
it just wasnt funny...

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BlakTornado responds:

So you're implying I should stop? No thanks :) My small and growing fanbase would be devastated ;)

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3.41 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2007
7:20 PM EDT
Comedy - Original