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Frakshard Halloween Short

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Its the same Little Miss Muffet you might already Know, But different...
Production Time: 12 Hours, 15 Fps, 1 scene and, 1875 frames.
I had to squeeze in another animation before the Halloween.
Happy Halloween!

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This should or been on the front page! it was short but better than some of the crap i have seen on this site.

Blaklyon responds:

Thanks! I'm Glad you liked it.

Got some laughs outta me.

Pretty good, it took a bit long to get to the point. And after awhile it became really annoying.
Still, this came together nicely.

Blaklyon responds:

I'm glad you got some enjoyment out of it. Thanks for the review!


The chomping sound does get annoying, besides that it was ok. The graphics could use a slight touch-up. I did like the idea though. Nice twist on the original story.

Blaklyon responds:

Thanks! Im glad you enjoyed it!

Replace your preloader

Believe it or not, I'm only reviewing your preloader. Why? Because I didn't actually get to see the animation (don't worry, I did NOT vote since I didn't see it). I decided to try loading your movie while I was doing other things online since the connection in my dorm is horribly slow. However, this "ping" sound you chose to play while it was loading was so terrible that I couldn't stand to let it load the rest of the way. Please never use that preloader again.

Blaklyon responds:

C'mon ... Was the preloader THAT damn bad? I think you're exaggerating a little. Well, I guess since I have a high tolerance for pain, I wasn't annoyed by it. I'm sorry you didn't get to see the animation but, if you couldn't get past the preloader because of the "PING" sound, You might have been twice as annoyed with the animation sound effects. Thanks for the review!

Creepy...really creepy.

Now, let me start of with the basics. The Art and Animation in this flash was really good. The sounds were quite annoying. I mean, the chomping of the food in the girls mouth got annoying and repetitive, FAST. The music, on the other hand, was really creepy and cool. The point was quite straight foward. The beginning was mysterious and then I got the picture towards the middle of the flash. The spider can't stop that little girl. This flash was interesting to say the least. Overall, this flash movie was good and I enjoyed watching this! Good work Blaklyon! :D

-3.28 / 5.00 (+ 0.0053) Voted 4!
-Your 241th Voter!
-Happy Halloween!


Blaklyon responds:

Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I guess it did get a little annoying with the chomping sound, But the sound in general was the important aspect of the animation.