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Climate changes

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China - US climate change forum: "The real causes of Global Warming."

A documentary film on climate change, in cooperation with US Department of State, China's ministry of culture and Syrius B prime Minister, Mr. Quixx Sproxx.

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Loved the political humor, especially the end of it, since it made so much sense having those endorcing it lol. A perfect ploy for ppl who love things that 'aren't the cause for global warming' XD


it was a really good film. it made me laugh, a lot. great stuff man, keep it up.

funny, but...

the real cause of global warming IS polution
I hope everyone knows..

Just for giggles!

The animation is superb, and the sounds (all made with the mouth and some edited later.) are really funny. It has a little eco message and it´s suitable for ALL AUDIENCES!!!
This is no small feat, really...


It's not bad.

However I will say the Ocean cannot get to 250'C because it would evaporate around 100'C unless it was pressurised (Which the ocean isnt)