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Phantom Mansion: Red

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Author Comments

08/10 12:15 - New version sorting the problems with the Story and Quit buttons. Note for those concerned about having to replay the game, progress is auto stored on completion of a level. Thanks for the front page!

Controls: Cursor keys to move Hector, space brings up the options.

Phantom Mansion: The Red Chamber has you controlling Hector the Spectre Detector through the first chamber of the Mansion. Hector must make his way through 22 levels filled with devilishly good puzzles using crates, switches and keys to retrieve all the skulls from the chamber, but he must also avoid collapsing floors, zombies, skeletons, curses and the void. Phantom Mansion: The Red Chamber is the first of the Phantom Mansion games, with 7 more parts to come!



It's nice simple game that you can play to pass the time. I like it :)

Rather generic, in a mediocre way

Well, from what I could make out through the all the advertisements and promotions, you were either a.) trying to make a somewhat creepy game and failing miserably with all your bright colors, or more likely trying to make something with the same lighthearted irritating atmosphere of one those Halloween games made by cereal companies. Instead, I found it simply to be far to generically graphiced, with characters that could be in any number of "cute" games around the web with no real style to it.

The "puzzles" that I played through were generally not particularly intellectually simulating, requiring very little logic and not that much thinking through, as well as also being remarkably similar to just about every other puzzle game made from this viewpoint...push the blocks around. Collect things. Don't die. I lost interest very quickly, realizing that the choppy and ungraceful movement in the game meant that the time required to beat an unsatisfied puzzle was time completely shot to hell.

In short: this game bored me. There's a hundred different identical games I could play with more entertaining graphics. Also they wouldn't have giant banners all over them.

warm-chang responds:

*rolls eyes*
1 - One ad at the start - wait 10 seconds and look! It's gone and your pain is at an end!
2 - It's the first in a series, if you plan to establish an audience over a series of games, the last thing you is pummel them into submission with too many gameplay elements and an excessive difficulty curve.
3 - Yes it's cute, it's a charming game aimed at a global audience of all ages rather than people with a blood lust, it's not what we're about.
4 - I've looked at the games you've tagged, and they are Shooting, Shooting Zombies, Zombies and finally, Shooting. There's a big old world of gameplay out there and it doesn't all have to be about shooting people undead or otherwise.


I always fall off the platform. Maybe make the void non accessible instead of killing you. Also one of the levels made my computer crash.

Dear God

>.< i don't know what it was about this but I personally... just... Couldn't... stop... playing... Game play was pretty simple as were graphics, but for it's capability of seducing feeble minds such as mine, i give it a 9. Good Job =)

not too bad

good game and is fun. what I dont like is after every door you complete you you try to save things to my computer and I have to keep selecting deny access.

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Credits & Info

3.71 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2007
7:25 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other