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Superhero: SDO Victory!

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Superhero: Super Dance-off
Day #26: VICTORY!

The winner has been chosen after 26 long episodes.

Dont feel bad if your favorite lost... perhaps the rest of the superheroes will get another chance one day?

Oh yeah and for the record... THE ARROWS DO NOTHING.

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ah come on

seriously radioactive man sucks. lol oh well great job n e ways. keep up the great work and I think the series was pretty good. so great job

Chaz-o responds:

He won by popular demand.

I personally think he deserves to be the superhero winner, he doesnt deserve to be forgotten in the crowd like most of us... :(

Make Another One

10 For the whole series. Make anothe but with villins.

Chaz-o responds:

As a matter of fact, im working on that now :)

Today's Winner!

The winner is one of the Simpsons character?! HUZZAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!! You can do it, Radioactive man!

Chaz-o responds:

Yeah! it was a good run... but we all had fun.

And in the end, isnt that what we ALL want?

Untill next time :P

Let me see...

This was the most intensely insane thing on NewGrounds.com!

Today I sat and watched all 26 episodes of this, and my favorite characters did not win. My favorites tied with Optimus Prime, and Kirby (my favorite gluttonous pink marshmallow).

So it was really good overall. Does that mean you will make a series about dancing supervillains?

Chaz-o responds:

I agree

Not many people can handel that amount of awesumness in one day.

Perhaps :3


LAME!!!! try using animation instead of pictures

Chaz-o responds: