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Starcraft II

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I did this long time ago and I can't wait to get a chance to play Beta .. Hopefully lol.

yay For Starcraft 2!

I'm MassEffect3 On Battle.net forums by the way haha


me like

i liked it like both starcraft games to as soon as 2 comes out im buying it lol

not bad man...

the scene withe the immortal(minus of course details and animation)looked exactly like the picture used for its file,also as per the "help the artist" rule
please note that yellow minarals will be added to starcraft 2(mimmicking blue tiberium and gems from the commmand and conqer series)

p.s. FOR AUIR!!! is still a popular saying among the protoss,stateing that their attack will be in the name of their fallen planet of auir,ADUNE TORY(a/e the e sound whatever)-DAS is dark templar speak for "greetings" and "goodbye",and EN TARO TASSADAR/ADUNE is high templar speak for "greetings" and "goodbye
this has been ikilzu123 on "protoss languge" ADUNE TORY-DAS!!!


real sound efects from game and you did ur reshearch on teh new units ;D
If you like starcraft you should look up starcraft 2 on www.starcraft2.com

(ps:if you type in teh site and a boating thing comes up, just retype it)

i like the music

it was ok in the graphics area, but what realy sold it was the music and the voice work, usaly the voice work if it wasnt riped completely kinda sucks (most people cant talk right or didnt spend money on a good recording microphone set.)
but yours worked realy well.

OMG awsome

great movie, can't wait for the full version.

one thing, aldaris was killed by kerrigan's lurkers, so replace him with artanis or someone please/

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3.80 / 5.00

Oct 4, 2007
8:08 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature October 5, 2007