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Bleach 1st opening

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Hello everybody!
This is the first bleach opening -asterisk.
It´s done by me and my boyfriend and all the characters are in chibi mode
Hope you like it.
Bleach it´s the best anime series!
By the way, you can wacth it in youtube too:
http://es.youtube.com/wat ch?v=k-L0EwxxpoM

PD (18-10-07):
After trying several times to upload the new file with better sound quality but with no success at all,we finally put that file here:
http://shinobu7.deviantar t.com/art/opening-bleach-
(please,paste it all together in your web browser and without any blank spaces)
PD (06-10-07):
We have change it and upload it again because there was an option activated in flash which transforms stereo sound in mono sound and didn´t know it.
In a few hours newgrounds will change it.
And the word "parody" was included in the title because we remake the opening in chibi mode and some scenes were changed from the original. Maybe was not the best way to named it. Sorry

Thanks a lot for all your comments and votes. We are very happy to see the amount of people who visit us.
Thanks you very much again.
Hope we could bring you more animation soon.


Este es el primer opening de bleach -asterisk
Lo hemos hecho mi novio y yo
Todos los personajes de la serie estan en chibi
Si quereis podeis ver el video tambien en youtube.
Aqui teneis el enlace:
http://es.youtube.com/wat ch?v=k-L0EwxxpoM

Un saludo a todos los fans de Bleach.
Espero que les guste.

PD (18-10-07):
Despues de intentar muchas veces resubir el archivo nuevo con mejor calidad de sonido,no hemos conseguido lograr cambiarlo.No se porque la pagina no nos deja.
Asi que lo hemos colgado en este enlace:
http://shinobu7.deviantar t.com/art/opening-bleach-
(por favor,pegarlo todo junto en vuestro navegador y sin espacios)
PD (06-10-07):
Hemos cambiado el archivo y resubido de nuevo porque habia una opcion activada en el flash que cambiaba el sonido de estero a mono y no lo sabiamos.
En unas horas Negrounds actualizara el archivo.
En cuanto a la palabra "parodia" la incluimos en la descripcion porque hicimos el opening con personajes chibis y cambiando algunas escenas del original.Solo eso.Sentimos habernos equivocado al llamarla asi.

Gracias por todos vuestros comentarios y votos. Estamos muy contestos de ver la cantidad de gente que nos visitó.
Muchas gracias de nuevo a todos y esperamos que en un futuro podamos traeros mas animaciones.


very well done

i'm a bleach fan and that was an amazing parody and you redone the characters well :D


you put some changes but no that isnt a bad thing it made it pretty funny


wow, this is legit! lol...I love bleach and dang, the chibi characters are cute...great graphics and well drawn characters...it really did feel like I was watching the 1st Bleach opening...I like how you added some funny stuff to it...blended well...props man, 5/5 from me! Keep up the good work and hope you do more of these kinda projects!


i don't know if it was the computer or it was made like that but it lagged a little. besides that the movie was a great parody and i liked how you switched it up a bit like when the step on the logs and rukia ends up falling the movie was great make another one soon.

That was excellent!

I give it 10 stars because I love BLEACH! And not only that, that first season openering amv is one of the coolest out of all the season openers or closers (the second is the second season opening amv "D-tecnolife by UVERworld"). The art work and animation were pretty good considering. And I liked the cute factor (even though Im a guy, does that make me gay?) lol. Well, anyhow- good movie & job well done.

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Oct 4, 2007
3:55 PM EDT