After the robbery

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We were supposed to do a little flash exercise in school about what happened AFTER a bank robbery.
The teacher didn't like mine :(


Please stop.

What was the point of this? I have to say I did not like this at all. And another thing, I am noticing a trend in your "work". It seems all you have submitted is random garbage and demented scenes. I could copy and past my entire review from "geting" and have it be completely understandable as a review for "After the robbery".

The-master-tommy responds:

no u

no 10

dude this really sucks i like random humor but this is bull crap! and it will be a miracle the day when u get a 10 for this the highest score is 8 and he must be crazy! dude keep trying but dude........that was just......just......crap

The-master-tommy responds:

no u


How did they get this disease????
Why did they rob the bank?
Why is only one dressed like a clown?

there is a flash named "Badgers", I think it would give you some better insight into how to make a nice flash.

The-master-tommy responds:

no u

its creapy

i thought it was a little creapy but i like it! if you can please make the rest (if you can)

The-master-tommy responds:

Thanks, although I don't think that there's anything more to add to that story.

And I even know why.

He didn't like it, because there was no sense, no graphics, and sound was bad. And when I say "bad", I mean it. It's bad. And this disease thing was just stupid. Like someone said, how he suddenly died from the disease? You've got to think about some plot or something.

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The-master-tommy responds:

First of all, it was just a excercise, it wasn't supposed to be a serious movie and besides.. all the others in my class can hardly make a stick-figure move.

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Oct 4, 2007
6:25 AM EDT
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