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EDIT 3* Hahah. Woo hoo. Thanks Tom, I think, for putting this is in the serious shorts section. Great! :) Also, for some time now I've been trying to bump the score up to a 4.00 and it just hasnt been working, but its finally there thanks to you guys :0

EDIT 2*I would like to say to all who have appreciated this work: Thank you so much! The audience of this piece is unbelievably suprising. Hmm. Oh ya I would also ask if some of you guys could suggest this to the noir section or mabey serious shorts. mabey together we can get it in, i dunno. thanks alot! :)

EDIT 1*Front page! I love newgrounds! Thank you so much for your support! Also thanks to all who tried desperatly to discover the meaning behind this animation! It makes me feel good! :)*

I planned this one out pretty graphicly in my mind. I had planned the elevator scene before I even started working on scene one. So after about 7 months of off and on work, its done. For this guy, I focused on high contrast and extreme saturation as well as no saturation at all. I also focused on the theme, which may be hard-core invisible to you guys, but I would love to see some reviews which try to guess the moral of the story, so to speak. Enjoy and thanks for watching!


Great, Mind boggling

My thought would be, the elevator part is him going up to some kind of limbo. When he finally reaches there, god/him is reviewing his life/death. He killed himself presumably because of a failed marriage (i.e. you saw his ring) and you saw him jump off a bridge. Although commiting suicide is a sin, god maybe deciding where he goes? Am i close?

Guessing the theme

Is it about goverment (or other forces) controling our lives?
BTW, it was a great animation.


I was hoping for a Pink Floyd Tribute but this is just as good.

Yay for disenfranchised old men, we need more of them!

Artistic, yeah.. Covers aspects of Christianity

Some images are vague, but presumably he loses his wife and child. At the age of 56, he commits suicide. He has arrived in perdition, where he learns that by legalism he didn't make it to heaven. But he is saved by grace, which almost all those that enger heaven are.

AtmosGames responds:

good job. you got it. :)


as far as i could see...
i think he lost her wife...
so he kill himself...
and now is going to Heaven?

and all the Red land, was, ummm... a "limbo", where they decide where to go?

mm... i'll watch it again...

a really good work indeed... ;)

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4.12 / 5.00

Oct 3, 2007
9:42 PM EDT