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EDIT 3* Hahah. Woo hoo. Thanks Tom, I think, for putting this is in the serious shorts section. Great! :) Also, for some time now I've been trying to bump the score up to a 4.00 and it just hasnt been working, but its finally there thanks to you guys :0

EDIT 2*I would like to say to all who have appreciated this work: Thank you so much! The audience of this piece is unbelievably suprising. Hmm. Oh ya I would also ask if some of you guys could suggest this to the noir section or mabey serious shorts. mabey together we can get it in, i dunno. thanks alot! :)

EDIT 1*Front page! I love newgrounds! Thank you so much for your support! Also thanks to all who tried desperatly to discover the meaning behind this animation! It makes me feel good! :)*

I planned this one out pretty graphicly in my mind. I had planned the elevator scene before I even started working on scene one. So after about 7 months of off and on work, its done. For this guy, I focused on high contrast and extreme saturation as well as no saturation at all. I also focused on the theme, which may be hard-core invisible to you guys, but I would love to see some reviews which try to guess the moral of the story, so to speak. Enjoy and thanks for watching!



this animation was great. its what i expected and i really enjoyed it definitly one of my favorites.

AtmosGames responds:

thanks alot!

Very focused piece of work

I love the imagery and style of art. From what I could tell, this is my perspective. The crosses represent religion. Wherever we find ourselves, there will be some form of religion. Everyone is going no where. Just drifting and following what everyone else is doing. Until death comes, and we grieve, and move on to drift ever so aimlessly through life.


I thoroughly enjoyed this but... I have no clue what happened.


lighting and graphics reminded me of citizen kane, one of the greatest moveis of all time. Im not sure i fully understand the meaning, but it appears as tho you tried to make it very confusing, perhaps making it relate to more people, allowing them to fill in their experiences and ideas for what this purposely showed little of. good job

on what slappytappyzappy said..

i got the same things out of it but i think that the moral was that not only is god forgiving but that he understands also

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4.12 / 5.00

Oct 3, 2007
9:42 PM EDT