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EDIT 3* Hahah. Woo hoo. Thanks Tom, I think, for putting this is in the serious shorts section. Great! :) Also, for some time now I've been trying to bump the score up to a 4.00 and it just hasnt been working, but its finally there thanks to you guys :0

EDIT 2*I would like to say to all who have appreciated this work: Thank you so much! The audience of this piece is unbelievably suprising. Hmm. Oh ya I would also ask if some of you guys could suggest this to the noir section or mabey serious shorts. mabey together we can get it in, i dunno. thanks alot! :)

EDIT 1*Front page! I love newgrounds! Thank you so much for your support! Also thanks to all who tried desperatly to discover the meaning behind this animation! It makes me feel good! :)*

I planned this one out pretty graphicly in my mind. I had planned the elevator scene before I even started working on scene one. So after about 7 months of off and on work, its done. For this guy, I focused on high contrast and extreme saturation as well as no saturation at all. I also focused on the theme, which may be hard-core invisible to you guys, but I would love to see some reviews which try to guess the moral of the story, so to speak. Enjoy and thanks for watching!



dunno what to thing of the story.....looks like the purgatory in xhich is a man because he killed a child by accident and commited suicide after.......but the animation was great =) so 10/10

man i love symbolism.

ok so is the moral of the story supose be the Ol' John 3:16 (look it up)? because that's what i got.

might need to watch again..

loved it....might need to watch it again but loved it!
Great graphically an really striking can't wait for your next animation!

Compelling symbolism

While I often see works made to be enigmatic without starting with a meaning, I'll give it a shot:

A metaphor, comparing God's choice of humanity's afterlife destination to the meat processing industry! (in which case, needed more gore silhouettes!)

Guessing the theme

Is it about goverment (or other forces) controling our lives?
BTW, it was a great animation.

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4.12 / 5.00

Oct 3, 2007
9:42 PM EDT