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Oct 3, 2007 | 9:42 PM EDT

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EDIT 3* Hahah. Woo hoo. Thanks Tom, I think, for putting this is in the serious shorts section. Great! :) Also, for some time now I've been trying to bump the score up to a 4.00 and it just hasnt been working, but its finally there thanks to you guys :0

EDIT 2*I would like to say to all who have appreciated this work: Thank you so much! The audience of this piece is unbelievably suprising. Hmm. Oh ya I would also ask if some of you guys could suggest this to the noir section or mabey serious shorts. mabey together we can get it in, i dunno. thanks alot! :)

EDIT 1*Front page! I love newgrounds! Thank you so much for your support! Also thanks to all who tried desperatly to discover the meaning behind this animation! It makes me feel good! :)*

I planned this one out pretty graphicly in my mind. I had planned the elevator scene before I even started working on scene one. So after about 7 months of off and on work, its done. For this guy, I focused on high contrast and extreme saturation as well as no saturation at all. I also focused on the theme, which may be hard-core invisible to you guys, but I would love to see some reviews which try to guess the moral of the story, so to speak. Enjoy and thanks for watching!



Rated 4 / 5 stars

I watched this at 1:51 am with no lights on

Pretty neat. It gave me a little tingle, made me think of aliens sort of. Going up and going down, commiting suicide something. Rather spooky. I lked it because of the air it made. The red light on his eyes, quite trippy. Nice choice of soundscape.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Vague/Asthetically pleasing

I didn't notice anything about the sillouted main character that would have revealed his traits. With each incompleted imagery and usage of colors to separate them I think most of us are intrigued. I love to think about this stuff so its no bother. You have to think about the characters in the story, and what they want. Morals are observations about our paths to achieve our goals. I'll say the black and white represents the past and the red colored represents either the future or the current. I have to respect your opt to use symbols, and some people will pick up on it (while I just enjoy the scenery lol) (spoiler) Heres how I interpeted the vagueness of it all. The people on the lift at the beginning seem to be "lifted" by a long row of crosses, or religion to these tower structures in the sky. People get off at different points obviously abandoning their religion. This man is one of those people, and they all continue on foot. This man experiences flashbacks of his life, where each memory illustrates a story within a story where a traumatic event unfolds, and he jumps of a bridge to kill himself out of sadness. One significant symbol represents him walking away from an oppositely leaning cross, showing him abandoning his religion. It then points out that the people who left the lift were doing so in accordance with a point in their life they left their religion, hence the signs showing different times. Further more you know the man has died, suggesting everyone around him has died as well, and they are in a place beyond death. Since all the people who went on foot, go to roughly the same destination as those who remained on the lift, I am tempted to believe that you illustrate some inevitable pathway of all people. I came to a conclusion that this makes the whole of religion then unnecessary and so forth the question "Are you good enough?" is replaced by a default "If you can survive." and by this I mean to say that it's an unpowerful idea and inevitable in the span of one's life. On a sidenote: I don't believe it was hell this man and these people were at, if unless that is what you intended. Really I come to the same conclusion many people have made and that is that there is more of a will to survive and indulge in living in the end, instead of following an ideal. Even if one chooses not to do so, they still are at equal with the rest of all who did. Perhaps also you intended to go a step further and suggest we try to create a sort of heaven on Earth so that you don't have to travel or at least think about traveling to one after your life has ended. Or perhaps you wanted to show how that we already try to do that, and our own conflictions prevent each of us from any major success. Perhaps then you also exemplify that we are all equal and special if we all make it to an uncertain fate at equal times, and that we should recognize that and act accordingly (and that would be in your deep afterthought of this flash I suppose lol if I got that right?)

To wrap it up, you offer a vision in which there is a certainty about the afterlife and because of that, one may look back upon the lifetimes of all who lived (just like this man did, specifically for his life) and evaluate its worth.

I'm not a cheap grader, whatcha want 7/10 hm 8/10?... Ill give you 8/10 :)

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


what an interesting video and I've watched it a couple time to try to figure out the meaning to this video. The beging is his grave anf then it goes on his trip to hell. Th black and white part is his final days on Earth and you his kid dead body. The brige scean is him killing himself after he gives up on religin. It gives a whole new meaning to what time you have here chearish it and enjoy every minuite of it because you never know when the end will come or when you want to end your own life.


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i loved it. simple as that. So heres my guest.
The man is very religious, but not a priest(becasue you emply that he had a son/daughter) but even though he preaches his religion and does all he can to please god, nothing but tragedy befalls him. deciding that god has turned his back on him and that only the devil loves him, he turns his back on god and jumps into the devils open arms. In the end, i do not believe he went to heaven, i think he was already in hell and was staying there, but instead he was going to see or talk with the "boss" of hell, or satan or talk with god about why god turned from him.

To me this story is questioning the morality of religion and if it really benefits us in the end and is really worth the trouble it costs us,or if it is jst another answer for the unanswered questions in the universe. What i love about this flash is that even though to me it questions religion, it never gives your opinion on it, for what I perceived as hell could just be anothers perception of the afterlife or if it is just what flashes before your eyes as you die.

I think the title talks about weather religion makes us more or less like animals and while it can give us ground to stand on it also makes us fight between ourselves.

anyhow AMAZING flash that i would recommend to anyone.
heres the first 5 i have ever given to someone.

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AtmosGames responds:

wherer did you get the devils arms from? ;)



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow.....this is a bit....demented

It scares me and mentaly hurts me for some reason.Your style of animation,
how it runs so smooth, interests me.