Mason's Bubble Blast

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Mason must use his bubble blaster to escape the evil ferrets!

This game was originally made for my girlfriend's son for Christmas. Use the arrow keys to run and the spacebar to shoot and do tricks on the snowboard. If the spacebar doesn't work (Mac users), you can use the 'a' key to shoot as well.

Programming by Tom Fulp!
Art by Jose Ortiz!
Narration, Queen Peanut and Ginsu voiced by Oxyjen

(Just a another friendly little side note..This game was intentionally made with a 6 year old in mind..So Some may find it a little on the easy side:)

You can download the Boss BGM at:

The Song is Called "robotNIK-Remix"


im sorry

i know that the animation wasn't that good but i have to give it 10/10 coz im freaking out coz my name is Mason.

I enjoyed it until the last boss....

It was a cute children's game staring the intended recipient: the ideal gift... that is until the final boss. I grew up the son of a single mother, and the the idea of having my mother's boyfriend as the final boss (who will repeatedly beat up someone at a child's skill level) of a game staring me personally offends me on many levels. Not only that, but the most effective pickup, and only effective means of defeating said offensive boss is said mother's boyfriend's lame-ass half-finished character idea. I know that this game is old, and as such this is out-dated by this point, but what the hell were you thinking. If one of my former step-dads had tried to give this to me as a gift, once I played the final boss, Id've flipped my shit. Not cool. Seriously, NOT COOL.

MindChamber responds:

thats weird cause all mason could do was laugh,, It wasn't a fight but a challenge.. He thought it was funny, also as you can see this is called mason's bubble blast2

in the first game he had a bubble gun battle with his mom.,., and that didn't traumatize him either..

You are obviously fucked up in the head if a stupid lil flash game thats almost a decade old gets you so worked up.. Im sorry if your step dad(s) bitch slapped you so much,but really thats not my fault

maybe you should seek counseling.

Very nice

I love how not only is this a cute game, but it's made for someone you care about.
Mad props :D

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A good game for kids!

The game is funny, great, and good for kids! I love fighting Titus the Russian Ferret and Jose the final boss. The dude has some wicked skillz!


It's cute, but not great.
I expected more from you Tom, but this game is just subpar.
No instructions, no jumping(that I can tell), which makes it nearly impossible to beat the boss.
The only thing that saves this game is the idiotic yet cute storyline.
It's forgettable and a subpar

MindChamber responds:

it was a game for a six year old, made a decade ago.

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3.55 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2001
10:57 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun
  • Daily 3rd Place December 31, 2001