Dragon Ball Z Parody Ep.1

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This parody is about DBZ. It begins at the Frieza saga. We (me and my brother) imitated a lot of characters, such as: Frieza, Goku, Vegeta, Krillin, Piccolo, Gohan, Tien, Yamcha, Trunks, Turtle, Bulma, Mister Popo and... Aladdin! It's very funny. We worked a long time on this, a very long time! So we'll appreciate comments. If you guys like this parody, maybe there will be another episode...

The file is kinda big, so you'll have to wait a bit. It'll be worth it! Have fun!

EDIT: We've updated our version, with different music. Much more fun:)

EDIT: Here's our second parody! Please watch it
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/440014



Not including the obvious trunks and bulma parodies, the timeline is off....I'm sure someone already stated such but at Namek Goku does not have instant transmission yet. Trunks doesn't show up until next season (android saga) either and a little less than half the good guys are dead already from the first season.

Now that my nerd rant is out of the way, the flash itself seemed very lazily done with traced characters and...jokes? Frieza, Vegeta and Piccolo were the only funny ones sometimes...

Do not like it

I do not like this but the animation is good

Wow I don't even know what to say that hasn't already been covered by everyone else who gave this a horrible rating.

Best Mindless unwatchable plop ever!

Lazy animation, obvious, boring humor, awful voice acting/ sound quality and only slightly more entertaining than the series it's parodying (haven't been a DBZ fan for a good 12 years or so (except for the abridged series)).

So yes I do get the jokes and references, I understand that you were taking the piss out of the racial connotations in the series, as well as the bad voice acting, bad dialogue that would take up the majority of a series even in the middle of fights, etc. But I think it just made it into something completely unwatchable. Of course if people actually find this fun, good for you, you can feel free to keep doing what you're doing, I just personally can't stand it.

P.S. I'll give this 1 star because I think it deserves it, yes there are worse animations on here but only slightly in my opinion.

P.P.S. I would give you some better, more constructive criticism but what could I actually say? It's not as if you'd want better animation or better sound quality because, for you and anyone that actually enjoys it, it adds to the parody. It may be completely unwatchable, mind-numbing plop to me but it's pretty hard to see it as being anything else, as far as unwatchable, mind-numbing plop goes it is a perfect example, there is absolutely no possible way I can see to improve upon what you've done yet there's nothing that can ruin it either. So Good Job... I guess.

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how disappointing. They can never make any really good DBZ parodies anymore. This wasn't funny at all. I didn't laugh. I'm such a huge DBZ fan, but this just was really bad. The voice acting was so horrible, good thing you had subtitles cause I couldn't understand any of it. you didn't even really draw anything everything was already a drawing. Every joke just got overused the entire time. I didn't like it. Take something somewhat funny and make it hilarious, don't take the funny things in DBZ and just make them stupid...original comedy material is the best comedy. This wasn't creative at all.

dylanvdw responds:

FYI, We have drawn EVERYTHING in Flash! There are no 'jpegs' or whatsoever!

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Oct 3, 2007
3:26 PM EDT
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