Thamesis - Episode 4

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Welcome to the city of Thamesis, capital to a kingdom divided....

Once the seat of power for an ancient, all-powerful monarchy, much of Thamesis is now run by the influential Britomart Corporation who use their seductive psychic technology to exert control.

It has become a city of torn loyalties as its inhabitants choose between life as a subject of the Crown or a Citizen of the Britomart.

Meanwhile down in the inner city streets, beyond the reach of either power, dangerous outlaws have successfully hacked Britomart's technology for their own gain, boosting its power exponentially. Some use it only to escape their daily grind while others maliciously spread terror on the streets.

As the city plunges towards civil war, can anyone bring order to the streets of Thamesis?

Episode 4

Meet The Lion. Ex-Defender of the Realm and once Albion's greatest hero. The secrets of his past spell trouble for the future of Thamesis.


excellent series and a quick question

love the series, probably one of the best things to come on the web for a long time, a LOT of work has gone into making it as well, and i LOVE how british it is <3 the city of Albion (or the ancient name for Great Britian) and the island Mac Lir, god of the sea right?

i just wanted to know though that do you guys more of graffiti artists?, because theres so many things that i believe only someone skilled on that style could draw.

Thamesis responds:

none of us are actually graffiti artists, but it is definitely something that has inspired us.


great series.

I feel that it's worth noting for ppl who didn't notice: the sign outside of the lino's house said "intruders will be shot" the part that i liked was in very small print at the bottom it said "survivors will be shot again"

Thamesis responds:

Glad someone noticed :)


^^... great =).. nice art direction.... certainly very.. nostalgic to me... since back when i first started watching and reviewing flashes... the art and writing style of a series - "broken saints" left a great big imprint on me =)... anyhow... great artwork..... animation was done... to an extent which, i think, is suitable to the intended target style... audio was good.. hmm... style-wise... really great - many great scenes with good angle.. and a good portrayal of the plot... i also liked the "login-screen-like" thing at the end... that fits well.... erm... what could be improved.... a play button would be nice.... hmm.... yeah... i think thats it... i gotta watch the rest of the story to know the rest ^^.... btw... i think it be great if it is made possible to download the flash episodes for keeps on the site... unless u guys intend otherwise..... well i guess thats all ^^.... and yeah... that lion.... hehe... great character xD.... erm... k... take care then ^^... update soon ya.. ^^..

p.s. i rarely give 10s... xD... perhaps im biased with the whole BS thing hehe...


The Thamesis Videos , I love that Lion


The Lion is the greatest baddest ive ever seen. His existence alone makes this thing awesome

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Oct 3, 2007
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