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MegaMan: The Shadowman

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Author Comments

so, what have we here?? an "awesome" Megaman flash movie about Shadowman (an incredible Robotmaster). Hehe, the story in this flash is minor matter. i just wanted to make some fight scenes and thought about to make a series ( but the plot was actually too damn stupid :D) so yeah, yeah... the story is dumb... that was just a little fun flash...

(and back then, my english was very bad, im still leanring^^...)

so, enjoy the "awesome" fight scenes =D

and yeah, the music in this movie is really cool, eh? i took songs from various Anime Soundtracks.

amongst others:

-M.D Geist
-Cybernetics Guardian
-Fist of the Northstar

and one Song from the metal band celtic frost (heart beneath)

i woul be very happy about a comment (bad comments, too)

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shadowman or NNJAMAN

Well after seeing all this coolness of shaodwman i got the idea that he should be called ninjaman. I think it makes perfect sense dont ya think. Anyway great vid it got me hoping to see the next part. If there is one 8D

This was crap.

First of all why would Dr. Wily send his own robotmasters to kill his own robot master? I mean hell he could tell Shadowman Shutdown I need to run a system cheack then freaking take him apart. Here's a flaw besides Yamantoman and Elecman there all brothers! Yamantoman wasn't created by Doctor Wily he was stolen Elecman was Created by Doctor light also stolen by Wily. I have another question why is it that a generation 5 robot aka Yamantoman was killed by a generation 2 Quickman? Please use History of the Megaman serious or at least put it into consideration. Hell Shadow man isn't even that great of a robot master. He's a blue ninja who fights in a well light room he's worthless his weapon is actully weaker them the metalblade Metalmans weapon. Who by the way was killed by a shadowblade to the eye? WTF!? that didn't kill Quickman! Thi s flash movie is lame and has oh so many flaws. I can only wonder why Doc Robot was bait that was designed to tell them the plan and get killed by the attackers that's just stupid! This movie was bad story wise sprite wise fine story wise crap! Also Ninjas are assains they don't fight like DBZ charecters!

Shucko responds:

Sorry, i dont have ur " Mega Man nerd" knwoledge.
Thx for the reviw.

shadowman rocks

Even though he's orignally a bad guy, you can't help but to cheer for him when Dr. Willy send out his masters onto him. Hop to see more.


not necesary awesome effects for a excelent sprite movie! and you showed this today. congratulations! it's so amazing! I hope to see teh part 2.




it was great