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Blue Box Technologies is happy to inform you that your order for (2) Super Unique Enchanted Swords of Enchanted Uniqueness (stock number: 24601-B) has been successfully picked up by our agent, Hickory, and is currently on its way to you!

It should be noted that, with your Insurance Level, if the packages were to become lost again--or in the severely impossible chance that one our currently rouge agents intercepts / robs / kills / obliterates Hickory in the process, we are no longer responsible.

Thank you for choosing Blue Box Technologies! Where Impossibilities into Success is what we do best since 1985!

--BBT President



Finally, somebody makes a fast-paced funny, female action drama, nice! It was great, I like your drawing style and everything, the fight was beautiful and I love the snowfall. Thing is, Hickory's voice quality needs a little work. The actor is good, but she needs a better microphone or recording software. You should tell her to download this program called Audacity if that's the problem. It's free, and voices come out great, just Google it. Great movie! Highly underrated.


The only complaint I have is that the dialogue is sometimes so hard to hear, you almost need to have the subtitles on to understand them.


The art style and direction in this is really done well. The action segments flow well and look amazing. Again, very very nice. Oh, that little section with the explosion and the concussion with the muffled sound and slowed first person shots...righteous.


I am going to check out act 1, This was very well done. The dialogue and the bg sound were sometimes overlapping a little too much some times but beyond that it was really wonderful to watch. Keep up the good work Team Skaijo.


... well, that was a very good movie, in pretty much all aspects, so what else can I add?



Nah, I'm kidding, there's plenty I can add, so let's get down to details:

The overall drawing quality was very high, with some great character design (probably the best aspect of the movie, Snow, in particular, has an excelent look and feel), some nifty backgrounds and pretty good attention to detail, but there's a small snag with the animation. It's because your animation style, although way above average and (for the most part) pretty good, isn't so good when it comes to action filled scenes. In Metal Gear Yotsuba, for example, the animation comes off with out a hitch, but here it's (slightly) problematic.

And it's dificult to explain why, but I think it's because you seem to use a lot of tweens (which are really dificult to use when a scene has a lot of moviment), and it's not really a fair criticism, since everyone can and should use their own animation style (if everyone did frame-by-frame, it wouldn't be special). In this sense, it reminds me of a Pikanjo movie, which also has great drawings, but slight animation problems.

Despite this (slight) problem, the action was well "choreographed" and played out nicely. And this is a pretty big complement coming from me, since I'm not a fan of "dragon ball z style hammerspace teleportation" in action scenes, but I think you used it well and made it, well, exciting!

The voice acting was spot on (but a little confusing, a few times, when voices overlaped each other), the sound effects were well used and the music was well picked and complemented the on screen action well. Finally, the story, although abrupt, was interesting and made me want to see what's going to happen next!

So, over all, a truely fine movie, solid in all aspects. Cheers and kudos (and I really look foward to your next movie)! Oh, and the current score of aprox. 3.8 is ridiculously low, this movie deserves a score of above 4.1, easily! NG users sometimes can't seem to reconize greatness even when it hit's them in the face!

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4.12 / 5.00

Oct 2, 2007
8:21 AM EDT
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