Metal Gear Shroom

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Since everyone seems to tell me to make my videos longer, heres a longer one. Started and finished it today.

Broke 3/5. Im happy :)


Fun, but the intervals between are long

It's a fun watch if you can wait. I suggest you cut or quicken the scenes in between jokes. That should give this a slightly higher rating.

not enough

this just doesn't do it. the idea is somewhat original, apart from the fact that 80% of stuff on newgrounds is parodies on something, naruto, digimon, metal gear, dragonball, and so on.

when making parodies, it is important to entertain the audience from the first second, mainly because parodies are unoriginal, and therefore not very interesting, unless it is amazingly funny. also the artist have to capture the fealing of the concept which is being made fun of. Snake in a forest sniffing schrooms isn't enough.

2 for way below average

hideto responds:

just because this is a popular game thats been parodied many times shouldn't affect whether you find this original or not. The jokes define whether a parody is original. And you dont sniff shrooms. maybe thats why its not so funny for you :)

I can definitly say

This gave me a few good chuckles.

Metal Gear has potential to be SO much funnier!

Seriously... this flash was compiled on not a bad idea, but the jokes just didn't come... Just a few more referances to some of the actual things that are in the game would have made this movie - unfortunately this was just boring -


With some more footage this will make Portal of the Week. Can you really do that in Metal Gear Snake Eater? Eat some bad mushrooms?

You must add more footage and make this hilarious!

Good Job

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3.43 / 5.00

Oct 2, 2007
12:37 AM EDT
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