Madness Mini 5

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One and a half years, Seven minute runtime, 150+ kills. A Room where Al slaughters 100 guards, "The Big 100", and one hell of an ending. All for you.
A Big thank you to my friend Deuce, for making the kickass explosion. It really helped. I also want to thank Cheshyre for making the music. It's one of the best, original pieces he's ever made.

EDIT: Holy shit. Frontpage, Daily Feature, and Weekly 5th? Thanks to all of you who watched and voted. I wouldn't be doing this without you. ^^ I just want to give a big thank-you to Krinkels. Without him, I would have never started animating. And thanks, tom, for the frontpage.

EDIT 2: Due to "extenuating circumstances", Madness Mini 6 has been postponed until further notice. Sorry, everyone.


game is good

but why is there a halo magnum and why is the begining long. any ways good movie though.


Awesome this vid is kick @$$ PLZ MAKE A 2ND I GOTTA SEE AL FIGHT THE DEPUTY.
One last thing, I agree with Kenny071's 4.

Video was entertaining but......

1. Movement was much better than before, but is still odd, I can't explain.
2.You didn't credit Bungie for the content your Halo magnum, which was oddly more detailed than any other gun.
3. Blood animation was, I'm sorry but horrible.
4. Make your blood flow and keep physics in mind. If He was in an explosion, there would be no blood. It would evaporate to nothing. And the body would be the same.
5. Thank you for reading! =)

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Loved it!

as you can see by my avatar i'm a big shrinkz fan, love it and continue plz!
btw to answer your question awesomesan34, it's because Al was revived by neurologists not a ghost, and also the zombies do have minds of their own, they just wanna kill him...

Cool great it was awesome

But i have a question How come Al a Sassin has a mind of his own as a zombie but the others dont im not saying its a mess up or anything but im just wondering about this but if you would answer the question it would be great thank,oh and this was the best one yet and DANG THE DEPUTEYS MAD!

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Oct 1, 2007
8:57 PM EDT
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