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Bigness Tut (Un Glitched)

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Update 1: Going to be adding a new preloader to my tutorial.. if everyone likes it i will add how to make it... post reviews if u want it or not... COMING SOON!!!!!

Hey everyone.. this is my very first tutorial I have ever posted on newgrounds. I have made movies but never a tutorial. I hope you enjoy it.

Not everything is complete because of the animations if the first frame were hard to create and I have been away for a while. But I will complete it fully in a short time

This tutorial includes:

How to Make Buttons - Incomplete
How to Make Cursors for games or movies - Incomplete
Motion Tweening - Incomplete
Lip Syncing - Editing

Sorry that only 1 thing is fully complete but i update whenever I can to add the others. Hope you enjoy my almost complete tutorial. Thanks

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for trying

I like you so you can have 10


Okay i guees, may need to change the colour of the background as it looks strange, try to take some tips from my tuts on menu's they may help and soon i am launching a drop-down menu tut that you can use

BulletRHLI responds:

Ok i will look at the tutorials. I can work on the sounds for my next update. Sorry... i will make the pictures more realistic to the actual version.

Thanks for your reviews so far

erm NO

ok for your first tut not bad but try to us emore picturtes and also work on the sounds/mouths thing. your telling me an a makes the same shape as an o look in a mirror it is loads diferent so ust work on them man dont rush it


why didn't you wait and submit it when it was done. It wasn't that great. The lip syncing wasn't that great of a tutorial, not the best examples of mouth types, and "ha ha" isn't much of a line of dialogue. You should improve on the rest of it because right now it doesn't have much.