Turtle Park Massacre

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This animation is about a turtle named Jimmy Vegas who loses control, after someone eats his lunch.

The story is fairly loose and ridiculous but it's all just a bit of fun really.

aftiel from the forum did all the voice acting/narration.

I spent a long time making this and it's great to finally get it done, this is my first actual 'animation'.

I love reading/replying to comments, it really makes it all worthwhile.
Anyway, enjoy!

NOTE: If you're using an older PC you might have to set the quality lower if you are getting lag.

EDIT: " I've uploaded a new version frame rate is increased from 20 to 25, hope it's better now. (I'm sorry I didn't notice this before, I feel like an idiot.)"

EDIT 2: Thanks for all the reviews guys, I'm enjoying reading them all and I'm taking the feedback into consideration.


Funny, But The Animation...

This is pretty funny, mainly because of the music and the overall ridiculousness of it. The artwork was pretty good (although the grass shouldn't have been flat with the sky right above it, that looked kind of weird), but the animation needs work. Physics is pretty much nonexistant here, along with emotion. Work on making the movements look a bit more realistic, and remember, it's good to have an animation smooth, so it's not choppy, but when it's too smooth it looks unrealistic.

metallica41 responds:

Alright, thanks for the advice.

I love turtles

hm i like the drawings
but it was too slow and they didnt show emotions
btw i was gonna give u 10 but i love turtles so u get a big 7!!!

Good, but could had been better.

It's pretty good. It has good graphics and all, but the animation was too slow and smooth.

Also, you should show more emotion changes in your character's faces (wich in this movie were almost nonexistant).

that was sweet

that was great it was funny and violent good work keep it up :)


good funny story line and all but the animation looks unrealistic... try speeding it up a bit and not using as many motion tweens i find they make it look too smooth for real life

metallica41 responds:

It's my first animation, so I'm still working out how to animate well. Thanks

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3.08 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2007
11:50 PM EDT
Comedy - Original