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Semper Fi.


this amazed me...

its true.. ive nothing more to say
but incredible

Eredar responds:

thank you!

OMG beautifull

love the animation and love the music i`m ure fan! sad story tho but i love sad storyes :)

Eredar responds:

hey, thanks, i'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

it's nice to know people are still watching it.

nice animation!

very good
asnd sad

Eredar responds:

lol, sadness coming from a person with "bloody chainsaw" in their name, :P

but yeah, thanks!


Nice, I really liked the animation. And to nameless people that think humans dont kill just to kill..what a sad and dissilusioned world you live in..

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Eredar responds:

lol, you say animation; i say lack of it :(

Here's how I see the story

A man wanders through the forest, searching desperately for food to feed his starving family. All he finds is a pair of small, white birds, but he'll take what he can get. He takes aim and fires, hoping that the shivering in his hands from the days of cold doesn't ruin his aim. The bullet strikes true, but the other bird doesn't move. He takes aim again, hoping to actually round out the meal and finally hoping to survive the upcoming winter. Suddenly, a rattlesnake strikes his ankle from behind a rock for no reason, and he falls to the ground and dies, leaving the dead bird to rot. That's why the bird's corpse is still on the ground after the hunter shoots it, because people don't just kill to kill.

Eredar responds:

hehe, well.. its good to see an alternative take on things, whether there is hidden meaning or not.

however: "people don't just kill to kill." i beg to differ... i know its been banned now, but what about fox hunting?

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3.67 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2007
3:46 PM EDT