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Lyric Master: 80s Edition

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Get you singing voice ready and sing along as you try to figure out these 80s lyrics!
[edit: If you don't like the 80s, don't worry! If everyone likes the game, I'll make more! 90s, Current, Metal, Rock, etc!] {edit2: front page! woot! thanks guys! & scoring fixed,)

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loved it!

i'm a huge fan of 80s music...perfect score for me! woot woot!!! great job...but it would be cool if you did some from differents decades and genres. gotta keep the masses happy!


Cool concept for a game. I found it a bit hard to play though, as I don't know much 80's pop. I would love to see a 80's/90's version for metal/rock, though. :D Keep it up!

Good game, poor starting point

A lot of people who would see/play this game, myself included, don't remember 80's hits that well either because they were very young at the time, or not even born yet! By making the first game in this series 80's-centric you are alienating a lot of people who will a) not play it in the first place because they won't know the music b) play it, but score low because they become frustarted at not knowing the material. If you had started with current hits/genres, it would have been a lot easier for you to segue back to 80's music somewhere down the line whilst still having a large proportion of people enjoying the game. I can only see one other entry in the Lyric Master series, a Christmas Special form the looks of things. It's a shame, as this could have been quite a good series if it had the chance to blossom from strong roots...

?? glitch

i got the score of 0 and it said i was a lyrical master

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3.71 / 5.00

Sep 28, 2007
5:45 AM EDT