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You're an alien from the Planet Borgular Primus Maximus. You were on a routine mission to kidnap pitiful humans from the planet Earth when you encounter spaceship problems and crash land at the bottom of a canyon.

Your only hope is to climb to the top of the canyon and get your alien friends to save you. Watch out though, you have to be quick to beat the flood waters that are starting to fill the canyon.

Your objective is to climb out of the canyon as quickly as possible. You are awarded bonus points for consecutive successful upward moves with your grappling hooks.



sucky game.

wanna know how to make it? just click insanely along the walls (in the orange area that turns green afterwards) and voila! you get to the top.

The gameplay was pretty rough and the game way too simple...try harder?


The controls were annoying. Also I got stuck in a wall a couple times and lost.

It wasn't very fun.


This game was horrible, after starting out and getting annoyed at the way the alien seems to have no control over his limbs, I found you could just click on one side of the canon and shoot right to the top pretty quick, making it really easy. Overall it was pretty boring.

awesome game- great idea.

Loved it - and once I got the hang of it - very smooth sailing.
Good music and graphics.

Son of a crap

What's with these broken controls? I mean, you click on something and it says "It cannot reach', and when it does reach you have only a fraction of a second to grab onto the next one, which is way too short a time...do NOT belive the ones that say this is too easy..I don't understand how THEY were able to beat it, but I was on the easiest of modes and I still have this problem as if it were mocking me. It was an okay idea but with very poor execution...and oh yeah, even the graphics felt like they left a bad taste in my mouth

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2.89 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2007
7:19 AM EDT
Skill - Other