Bitches Ain't Shit Part 1

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Because of 16k frame limit, I have to make this a two parter....

Finally, I'm done with this damn thing... I've had a lot going on, so I had to take a break from working on it...

Anyways, this episode is about a girl I met on MySpace, and she turned out to be insane...

Pretty much everything in this cartoon happened, except throwing the theater chair, cuz they're bolted down. :<

Okay, I know the audio, lip syncing and animation isn't the best, but it's about the storyline. I just wanted to tell the story, and we all have to start somewhere with our skills.

Anyways, Enjoy.



dude ignore the haters cuz this was actually good. kudos dude. all of these fucks saying poor story and family guy rip off are fucking stupid for not being open minded. keep it up, just tweak it up here and there and your good to go.

This is god awful.

Horrible story development, terrible voice acting, extremely dated jokes, and painful to watch. I probably made it up to the "random" Kirby fight where I just lost all interest, even though I hadn't laughed once or cracked a smile at all. Your story development was terrible for the main reason why most people fail, you failed to make a strong second act. You say this is about the story and plot but you tried to redeem yourself from your horrible writing with lame dated jokes that have been done far too many times here on Newgrounds.

Just quit or try to improve so you can spare us from watching the same rehashed crap that plagues Newgrounds. Try and get the voice actors that post on the forums before you decide to start blurting out stuff into your piece of crap $2 mic, which was another thing that was painful, the horrible voice acting. Sure it is great to get your friends in on the flash and of course you want to star in it since you went through the process of making this, but everyone that said anything in your movie was untalented and sounded extremely scripted (main reason why people get real voice actors).

I am not even going to watch part 2 since I know for a fact it will suck as hard as this first part. Improve or quit, your choice.

LichiMae responds:

Lovely. <3


this is going to be an awesome series...

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Been there done that :)

Pretty much everything has been said here. But that thing about sex at the end. No you don't want to end up living too sexual before commiting yourself to someone more precious. The stories I could tell about alot of people after failed relatioships... well .. just use some logic ;) you really do not want to get too wild before settling ;)

really funny

simply really funny

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Sep 26, 2007
4:42 PM EDT
Comedy - Original