Bitches Ain't Shit Part 1

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Because of 16k frame limit, I have to make this a two parter....

Finally, I'm done with this damn thing... I've had a lot going on, so I had to take a break from working on it...

Anyways, this episode is about a girl I met on MySpace, and she turned out to be insane...

Pretty much everything in this cartoon happened, except throwing the theater chair, cuz they're bolted down. :<

Okay, I know the audio, lip syncing and animation isn't the best, but it's about the storyline. I just wanted to tell the story, and we all have to start somewhere with our skills.

Anyways, Enjoy.



it was real nice, i liked the what is love parrt it was swank

oh yeah~

awesome job



keep up the good work ;)

Oh man classic :D

Seriously this had so many good jokes in em. Man....
Although laughing by myself in this dark little room is a bit depressing :D

Graphics were below average although it didnt get in the way with the story and the facial expresions were good 2. So for this flashmovie it is not really needed to increase the quality of that. Music choice and timing was good 2.
Only in the end the voice acting quality went down by a lot. Exspecially that last sentence that girl made. I think it was being roughed up or something :D
Anyway good movie man i enjoyed it.

LichiMae responds:

7 voice actors flaked, so I had to do most of them myself, and well....I breath into my mic too much, cuz when I voice record, I smoke from my bong, and I sometimes think that the mic's the bong. :<

Ya, the graphics were between 2 years ago, and 1 week old. And I don't like tweening. It scares me. ;o;


dude i was lyin on the couch watchin this and the ending made me laugh so hard I choked on my own spite for 10 minutes

perfect 10 and 5 vote for that

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4.11 / 5.00

Sep 26, 2007
4:42 PM EDT
Comedy - Original