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Halo 3: Episode 1

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Episode 1: Boxy Surprise

Today is the official UK release date of Halo 3 and to celebrate this, I have made this movie! It is the first episode of a bunch of crazy Halo 3 parodies I plan to make in the future. In this installment, Master Chief cowers in a box and is visited by a stranger. This is a lot longer than the other Halo flashes I've made and I hope you enjoy it!

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Nice one

Graphics: These were well drawn, nothing to complain about here.
Style: Good I guess xP
Sound: Nice, the quality was good and the script was nice aswell.
Violence: Not really much to talk about here.
Interactivity: The play button lol
Humour: Pretty good, but the pace really took the laughs out of it.
Overall: This was well designed, but it went on pretty slowly. Up the pace of the movie and quicken the dialogue and it will make it much more amusing/funny.


that was fucking great!


Lucky you made this before Halo 3 was released, otherwise I'd give you much less and criticize you for not being accurate.
"Backgrounds from Halo 3"? You kidding me? That entire scene is a level in Halo 2, Turf!