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Paperplane Madness 2

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The highscore feature on this version is disabled, sorry.
**The highscore version can be found at www.flashninjaclan.com**

Take on the role as a paperplane and cover as much distance as possible.
But be careful of the intense thunderstorm above you and the treacherous terrain beneath you, as
well dodging the oncoming enemies!
Collect power-ups on your journey and use them to destroy anything that threatens your mission.
Left mouse button: Click to fly higher, release to let the plane fall.
'S' key: Shoot projectiles at your enemies that get in your way!

Finally, after like a year of on and off work with like a 6 month break, I can finally release this.
I know the idea behind some of the concepts of this game are a little absurd, but that's why its called Paperplane MADNESS!
Also, this has nothing to do with Krinkels' Madness series nor is it a submission for Madness Day 07.

Special Thanks to:
- Flashninjaclan.com for sponsorship, great website to play some really cool games.
- DreamworX for help with some of the coding.
- Stage 3-1 and Camvolta for the awesome music.

Please vote, and any reviews/comments are greatly appreciated :P


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I remember making paper airplanes in this one class. I remember absolutely nothing from it. I didn't care much for this game. I just thought it lacked detail. Another big factor was how it seemed too difficult. There really wasn't much going for it.

I believe I have played other paper airplane games. These kinds of styles were never popular. It's the same thing they do with that stupid bird thing. The music is alright. I can see why this isn't popular.

chillyphilly responds:

This game was more of a running experimentation as you could probably tell from how random every element is haha. Nothing in it makes sense.
I don't think it is at all difficult though. It's virtually the same mechanic as the classic helicopter game with some other shit chucked in there. It probably takes too long to learn though without getting bored or frustrated before you close the window. I can see that happening.
There was no intention for it to become popular. There is no story line, nor is there any point or real objective apart from finishing the levels. Created this as a way of learning the software but I guess I could have taken a more constructive approach and made something more worthwhile. It was fun though.

Cheers for the review bud, appreciate the time you took. Bit of a nostalgia trip to review this game? It's been a while.. i loved this website haha.


bad as 1

chillyphilly responds:

Cheers man :S


Lolz, oh my God, it's the ending to that one game boy game XD...Damn, that was a good old top down shooter. Gotta find that.

Anyways, good stuff.


really amusing game, but i would add some more speed to it, so the gameplay will fitt to the musik tempo:)

Not bad

This game was simple and controlled well. The art was fluid. Just a few minor things... in the instruction menu, you said seagulls were just like eagles, but there aren't eagles, only ducks....

Also, maybe put in some variation to the levels next time rather than just more/faster enemies. Like in level 2, I was always expecting a tidal wave to sweep the bottom of the screen. Great job, though.