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Well I got bored, so here is a second flash. I apologize on some of the sprites, they just were not working for me correctly, so some of them may move in an odd direction, or might lose part of their border. Slight changes that shouldn't affect viewing pleasure too much. Oddly enough, some of those problems fix when you look at the flash in a larger view.

I won't be making any more of these, there are so many that even this one is just adding to the pile.

I hope you enjoy. Here is the track list:

1) Chocolate Rain - Tay Zonday
2) Super Mario Sexual Education Video
3) CSI: Miami
4) Baby Got Back - Gilbert and Sullivan Style
5) Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time - Rooster
6) Kill Two Dwarves - World of Warcraft
7) Catnap - Demitri Martin
8) Read a mother fucking book - BET
9) Sit'n Sleep Commercial
10) I am the werewolf (look it up on Youtube)
11) Itty Bitty Titty Comittee - Family Guy
12) CSI: Miami
13) House
14) Cruel Intentions
15) Infidel Phone - YTMND
16) Ally McBeal

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Huge fan of Phoenix wrong, loved it, gj!

As for sico0iq, you dumb f%ck, no one gives a shit, why are you bragging about yourself from a game on a review, gtfo nerd.


yes i am a WoW player have a few 70s now and tier 6 but i have to say that troll clip was funny just head back to sen'jin village. a few of them say it. but anyway that whole thing almost made me piss my pants rofl.


did he really say that on house? "do you have hair on your special place?" wow thats not ok even for a fake tv doctor to ask lmao *cough*drphil*cough* <_< >_>

Not too bad!

House's EXACT sound clip was used, it's start to its end, prior to this being made. I have found the original area where it is. It's called "Phoenix Wrong: Epic Turn". Sadly, I am unsure if links are allowed to be posted here, but typing in "Phoenix Wrong" on the search bar, you SHOULD get it around...... the 55th selection.

I'll be honest with you though, it could've been much better. Some of the earlier clips were either too short to be funny, or kept going on for too long and although funny at first, slowly got tiresome by the time the clip ended. I've never seen CSI Miami before though (Gasp!!!) but some of these weren't too bad. However, I'd like to see another submission at another time, that's unmistakable!

WanderingOtaku responds:

Thanks for pointing out which one it was. I seriously went through almost all of them and did my best not to repeat, made a long list of what ones were done. Oh well, this was just for fun, so I dont mind that it happened. With so many damn ones of these its hard not to.

And thats the reason I wont be doing another. Even when I did this one, it was too overplayed. I did it because I was having fun. But to do more wouldnt be too fun, I think, with so many more out there.

Thanks for the review.


Chawklat Reign!