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Hank isn't the only gun toting character on NG..Hes greeted by Newgrounds next big thing..

Happy Madness Day!!
I started this flash yesterday morning from a Madness drawing I had from before and I hoped it for it to be released last night but I kept working on it to make sure it was up to par on Madness standards. Hope y'all like it!

1st real movie on NG and more to come!!
~*Starr Out*~



I bet Wolfy is going to be awsome. I just hope he comes and is welcomed by the other NG icons, because he is going to join them, I just know it.
Look out NG. Here comes Wolfy!!!!

Has Potential

The animating itself wasn't the best, but the artwork was pretty well done. Personally I like furries, but adding one to an already created series is kind of corrupting it. You know what I mean? I'm not saying I hated it, it could be a cool series, but just don't use the madness character mixed with furries. First of all it will look pretty two dimensional, and not the artwork, but how theres two completely different styles mixed. Technically mixing styles could be a good thing, but not with furries and madness.

Overall the animating needed work, the artwork was "good," but the story line needed more originality. Suggestion would be to make everyone furries and fight madness style, but don't use madness character. Hope I got my point across, sorry for the long review :3

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man that was lame,terrible,shitty,and really un-original u can just come and say to all newgrounds:"hey hank isnt the only one with the guns","the next big thing....WOLFY"? is not your decision of choosing who will be the next mascot or protagonist of a certain flash or webesite that already has its protaginist it always depends on the original creator and that will be krinkles.

sorry for my review but u can do other good flashes than ruining them.
PS: i wished i could give this a -999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999/

Tystarr responds:

Well Wolfy is coming to NG whether you like him or not. Be prepared.


It was just so annoying, and you've kind of ruined Madness

the little dignity i had for you is gone.

thats like me going to eddsworld or RAB and asking them to add in winnie the pooh. you just expect him to not...care.....okay, he probably wont care, as in not add it in to anything anytime anyhow. Hey, i know! why dont you go to 4kids TV and ask them to put doggy style dog in sonic X! those idiots are so desperate they'd take anything. good luck with you un-original unliked kinky character!

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3.65 / 5.00

Sep 23, 2007
10:10 PM EDT