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***P to pause/unpause***

***Update: Still can't figure out high scores, but fixed a few other glitches.***

***Thanks for all the views, awesome score, daily 5th, front page, and special game prize in the Madness Day Competition from Tom Fulp. This made our week :D***

There is no meaning. Only Madness. Fight your way through waves of enemies, zombies, and bosses.

art- Coolio-Niato
coding - DonutMaster

*sorry for the late submission, had a few bugs*



XD loved iT!!


I might have to agree with the nail gun part. The imense amount of lag it causes is its major downfall, while it is the only weapon that is effective against those armed with it. This was a decent game, yet it doesnt touch the hours of entertainment provided by madness interactive.

An exercise in irritation.

You know, when a person plays a game, it's a comforting and empowering thing to know that theres some way to avoid getting killed or taking damage. This is not something you will experience while playing absolute.madness. It is IMPOSSIBLE to not take damage. Not only do the enemies have (near) perfect aim (they almost never miss), they have access to a diabolical little devil called the nailgun. Including a weapon like this was a poor and confounding choice, as it serves only to slow the framerate and irritate the player with it's poor accuracy and low damage. Including the axe was questionable, as it does less damage than the sword (both are attainable at the very beginning).
BUT. All in all it was a decent game, if not very frustrating. I never did complete it, as it was just too difficult.

this is great but how do u get past lvl 1??

i shot all of the guys but how do i advance to lvl 2 and how do i go through the black doors??


It was an awesome game. Intense, and very bloody. Good job.

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3.95 / 5.00

Sep 23, 2007
5:54 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun