WOS TT5: Destruction

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Author Comments

And now for the first time in awhile, it's time again for another WOS Time Trial!

Today, we bring you 4 shorts/loops all themed around "Destruction", all 4 of us had different interpretations of the theme. I gave them a total of 48 hours to work on it, and all 4 of these shorts were created sometime during those 48 hours.

Also, the WOS is not a spam group as you may know, we're just a friendly group of animators (who may or may not be with other groups such as the Clock Crew for instance) that get along.

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meh, it weren't that great.

also i would like to point out that even though i used to MINIMALLY like you, you're a power hungry faggot, iidx, stop taking ideas from other people and do your own thing for gods sake. first you try to revive the ll which is an okay attempt to get them away from IF but WOS? come on now, arskagarf can make his own damn forum if he cared enough, he doesnt need your help.

i dont exactly give a shit i mean you guys are okay just iidx as "leader", you couldnt fall more down than that.

KKyuubi responds:


(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
Truly a great return for the WOS. You guys always make good stuff, but I'm pretty surprised you can still keep it fresh after such a long period of hiatus. I think each section of this was made pretty well and was pretty entertaining. No crappy, unfunny loops, and overall good entertainment.

^^Needs Improving^^
I always really liked the bulk of these collabs, and how many people were always involved. This one however, only had four parts. If you ever need someone to kick in, ask me even though I'm not that good at Flash.

KKyuubi responds:

Yeah, we only had 4 because we were just settling into the new site that I set up. If you want to be in the next time trial, stay tuned on our new site for info.

This movie was gay.

It made me gay, too.

KKyuubi responds:


Credits & Info

3.63 / 5.00

Sep 23, 2007
3:20 PM EDT