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The Global Warming Game

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A game I made for my science class in bringing awarness to global warming. I dedcided to sumbit it to Newgrounds for some critisism other than my brothers :p Anyways enjoy and please don't vote low because it is submitted near Madness Day and isn't Madness related. Defend the planet from some evil chemicals and prevent global warming! Let the O3 (ozone) through and prevent all of the other chemicals from going into the atmosphere. The song used is Elevator Music by Khuskan. If you have any questions or comments about the game, or want to report any bugs feel free to P.M me or email me at custom_hobo@hotmail.com. Please, NO SPAM!


Mouse- Move paddle (Don't hit the compounds so hard or they'll go right through the paddle and out the other end :P)
ESCAPE- Exit to the main menu

Enjoy! :D

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lol i ended up at 2012 year XD

lol its ok game


Ignore WHEEEEEEEEE123, we'll let him burn from the sun.
Great way to raise awarness.
You are talented with flash (well, better than me)
And I'll shoot anyone who disagrees *takes out a 12 gage*

Elevator Music? That's what it's called?!

Good graphix. So many things can harm our planet!

This'll learn ya's

Junk Science+Educational= really bad game
Instead of a paddle use a ninja, instead of chemicals, use dragons, and instead of the lame music, put in heavy metal

Junk Science + Educational + Ninja + Dragons + heavy Metal - Junk Science - Educational = 5 star game

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3.36 / 5.00

Sep 23, 2007
12:46 PM EDT