Madness ness Part 1

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*2008 note* I once again got too busy and attempted to continue for 2008 madness day but this year I figured without a huge contribution to put forth that I'd just be disappointing everyone so now I have ahead start for next year I will hope to put forth something worth while :D please look at my profile for a couple screen captures of the next installment*

I'll update gotta beat the clock!!
nice made it with 6 minutes to spare before the end of madness day.

First attempt at a song
Second flash attempt
yes... yes it's short, I'm sorry

Edit: I KNOW AND APOLOGIZE FOR IT BEING SHORT (apparently people still thought I didn't notice it was short) but I was trying to get it in on time for MD 2007, also noticed when I watched it through after getting some sleep that I spelled Krinkels name wrong!! so sorry! I've decided not to fix it though. Considering he never did watch or will watch it :P muahaha!!

Double Edit: Disappointed with the madness day results, but...

Thanks SO SO much to anyone who did actually watch and review this :), and ok ok ok ok... I'm going to continue the story as I invisioned it, though it may take a little time and I reserve the right to alter the story I had planned if I wanna :) who knows though, we'll all see eventually!
I hope you enjoyed it anyways!



Good But To Short.


Make more this IT IS FUCKING AMAZING AS HELL I LOVE THE DETAIL make tricky the clown super scary AND MAKE IT LONGER 5/5 :D 100000000000000000000000000000000/10
< (//
< (\\

:D :D :D :D :D :D LOL

weird...butt good hehhe i said butt

with arms its well not so good


Madness people, with arms?

PVP-BoCS responds:

Thanks for the review!
Hell yeah they have arms,... AND legs!

All the better to rack up body count with ;).

good enough

this animation may be short but the animation on the characters seem much better compared to what u see in madness..still it's was a little too short also..to bad u did this submission for madness day late..

PVP-BoCS responds:

Thanks for the review!
Yeah, I always kick myself that I didn't get more time to work on it, I had really big plans and a really large story too actually, the only problem is I've been really busy and continue to be so it's tough for me to get some time to work on these projects on the side. I wont give up yet though! trust me.

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Sep 22, 2007
11:54 PM EDT