Madness - Sandwich

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holy shit killblood u gots told. that author response was almost as funny as the vid.
and yes it is a very funny vid, partly cause I loves me a good sammich but also cause he snached the last sandwich and shot the checkout dude. lol great job

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hello, dude?

Do you even know what madness is? Go watch krinkel's madness and see what it is from yours. ONE: There is no arms. TWO: Too short, i think it's bad. sorry, man, sorry.

Spite responds:

Madness? Madness?! Sorry but I've never heard this word in my life before.
Arms? What do you mean Arms? Something like that would make this flash animation original and a little off beat from an idea that has been so ruthlessly BEATIN INTO THE GROUND over and over and over again. All I did was Google "MaDNess Sprites PLZ LAWL!" and then bashed the tween button until my computer shit a glisting turd in the portal to mix, blend and become one with copious mediocre, uninspired clones.

Thank you for having the courtousey to apologize in your review, I understand. For I am a lot like you.

I'm regularly accused of being cold and having no sense of humor. A person who lacks the fundamental chemical make-up necessary for "laughter." Laughing, jokes, sarcasm, these are all useless words for boggling abstractions that have no role in my life. As I'm sure you are aware, I'm always serious as a heart attack...

We aren't so different.

Also I don't know what you should do about those KRINKELs, try some ointment or contacting your local physician.


love the video hate the arms

Spite responds:

Thanks for the review :)

3 things

1arms in madness no arms 2 too short 3 i dont no its ok i guess.

WHAT! arms? this is madnesss dude

sweet music
awesome sandwich

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Spite responds:

mos def

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3.79 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2007
10:00 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody